Eigot Afternoon Classes

3-9 year old
  • Introduction


    We aim for more than other preschool English schools do.  Our school uses only English language for all courses.
    With a native English speaking teacher (USA Professional Licensed Certified Teacher) who interacts in English with our students from 3-9 years old.  On site we have a full time teacher who has a Japanese license for kindergarten and certification in childcare.  All of our educators also speak English. 



    Our Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

    Vision Statement:

    To enable students to learn English, to build a solid foundation of speaking, writing and reading in English. Giving students global opportunities afforded to those who speak two languages.


    Mission Statement:

    The mission of Eigot is to provide excellence in education while practicing cooperative and social skills. This prepares our students to meet the challenges they will face when entering elementary school.


    The School’s Goals and Objectives:

     Educational Goal:

     Educate students at the preschool and kindergarten level to provide a solid base of beginning English language.

       1. Provide students with lessons in English, including phonics, math and English.

       2. Encourage the use of speaking English exclusively in the classroom.

       3. Promote compassion for others and the importance of cooperative behavior by example.



      Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

       1. Know the English alphabet.

       2. Identify each alphabetic phoneme (sounds). 

       3. Speak in English.

       4. Write in English.

       5. Read at first grade level or higher.


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    Eigot Afternoon Classes for 3-9 year olds
    Annual Registration Fee
    (Facility fee and maintenance cost included)
    12.000 yen(tax is not included)
    Grade/AgeSingle8 times12 times16 timesMonthly
    3-6 year old3,050 yen22,800 yen31,200 yen37,760 yen38,800 yen
    1st grade2,850 yen21,200 yen30,000 yen37,760 yen42,800 yen
    2nd-3rd grade2,750 yen20,400 yen28,800 yen36,160 yen40,800 yen
    ※Material fees are included.
    ※Fee taxes are not included.
    ※Depending on the month, fees can be changed. Please, check fees on this page.