Eigot Preschool

3-6 year old
  • Characteristic


    Sometimes, living in a foreign country where the language is a barrier makes us feel insecure.
    Taking your children to a Kindergarten that speaks your language makes you feel more comfortable and secure.

    We aim for more than other preschool English schools do.  Our school uses only English language for all courses.
    With a native English speaking teacher (USA Professional Licensed Certified Teacher) who interacts in English with our students who are 3-6 years old.  On site we have a full time teacher who has a Japanese license for kindergarten and certification in childcare.  All of our educators also speak English. 

    Research has shown that the younger the child starts a new language the easier and faster they will learn it.
    Preschool is a perfect time to educate children with speaking, reading, writing, arithmetic and social skills.


  • Eigot's Original Instructional System

  • From Station to Station

    Learning English moving to each station every 30 minutes.
    The lessons are designed to provide interest and stimulation so the students do not get bored.

  • three house

  • Phonics

    Learning the specific sounds that each English letter makes, gives a good basis for pronunciation, reading and writing.


    Learning English by listening to and speaking English along with reading and writing.


    Learning Math in English using the computer and educational teaching materials.


  • Schedule

    9:00~9:45Welcome to the school
    Social Time
    9:45~10:00Organizing personal things and getting prepared for lessons.
    10:00~10:15Morning Circle
    Morning greetings, calendar, weather, feelings, songs, English phrases.
    10:15~10:30Song and Dance time
    Learning the sound each letter makes ( phonemes), reading and writing.
    Learning new vocabulary and conversation.
    Basic Arithmetic lessons using the computer and educational teaching materials.
    13:00~13:30Story Time
    Reading books
    13:30~14:00Social Time
    Playing games in English, practicing new phrases by role modeling. 
    14:00~14:45Exercise and Dance time
    Learning English by moving your body. 
    14:45~15:00Goodbye song 
    15:00~18:00Extra time
    For an extra fee, services can be extended until 6 p.m..
  • Fee

    Annual Registration Fee15,000 yen(Tax is not included)
    Facility fee ・ maintenance cost5,000 yen(Tax is not included)
    Grade / AgeSingle8 times12 times16 timesMonthly
    3 to 4(3~4 years old)4,250 yen32,400 yen45,600 yen53,760 yen54,800 yen
    4 to 5(4~5 years old)4,050 yen30,800 yen43,200 yen50,560 yen50,800 yen
    5 to 6(5~6 years old)3,850 yen29,200 yen40,800 yen47,360 yen44,800 yen
    ※Fee taxes are not included.
    ※Material fees are included.
    ※Depending on the month, fees may fluctuate. Please, check fees on this page.

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