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  • We adjust the curriculum to the student’s age. For the students who attend other kindergarten schools, we offer English afternoon classes, which is an opportunity to learn, speak and listen to English!

    • Eigot International School
      • 3-6
        Year old
      • 25
        Class size
    • Eigot After School
      • 3-9
        Year old
      • 20
        Class size
  • We use a diversity of overseas educational materials.

    In addition to using a wide variety of educational materials, we provide an atmosphere that enhances the students ability to express themselves and to think on their own.


    • Available for non-English speaking children.
    • Using educational materials from overseas that are not available in Japan.
    • To have many experiences and increase your knowledge we have a diversified curriculum.
    • Celebrate events like Halloween and Christmas.
    • By special request and additional fees students may be brought to school at 8:00 a.m..
    • Friendly Atmosphere
      With a large viewing window looking into our classroom, we welcome parents who arrive early to view their children’s activity. We also extend this courtesy to parents who are considering registering their child.
    • Educational Material
      We have a wide range of educational materials from preschool to high school, many of which originated in the U.S.A. and are not available in Japan.
    • Computer
      Students have individual computer time, accessing numerous programs and educational sites to improve their English and Math skills.
    • Children’s Safety
      All doors in the Eigot building have special key card security and there are security cameras on all entry and exit doors.
  • Meet Our Staff!

  • Eigot’s teachers are experienced and caring. We have a Japanese-English bilingual teacher who has a National License For Kindergarten and Certification in Childcare. We also have an experienced American teacher  (U.S.A. Professional Licensed Certified Teacher) who taught children in the U.S.A..
    In addition, we have bilingual support staff.


    • I was really surprised when my son was playing at home, speaking to himself in English.

      3 year old boy's father
    • I took my daughter to Eigot when she was 3 years old. I was worried because she had never had any contact with English, but she loved the school.
      On our day off, when we passed the school, she wanted to go in.

      3 year old girl's mother
    • We were watching a commercial in English on TV and I asked my son what they were saying.
      He explained to me what they were talking about and I was really impressed.

      5 year old boy's mother
    • There were some children of different nationalities playing and my daughter was very comfortable in joining them.
      How nice it is to socialize in an international environment.

      4 year old girl's mother
    • I was looking for an international preschool that speaks English during the whole school day and I was very surprised to find it so close. I used to take my son to Tokorozawa and I am very satisfied to have found it in Sayama.

      5 year old boy's father
  • Contact

  • Contact us for more information.

    We have trial lessons where children can experience a day in the school and our staff will explain to you all about our school.


    • Adress

      Aidenki Building 1F & 2F
      2787 Kashiwabara
      Sayama Saitama JP

    • Phone & Email

      Phone : 04-2941-5502
      E-mail : info@eigot.com

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      Sayama Business Security Council
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